PPIA Program

“Diversity & Leadership in Public Service”

Tiana Thomas

Tiana ThomasTiana Thomas values public service as a way to make a productive contribution to society to help dismantle structures that perpetuate systematic inequalities between groups. She is interested in work that helps shift social, cultural, and/or political attitudes and institutions towards a more inclusive future.

As an alumna of the 2007 Junior Summer Institute at UC Berkeley, Tiana gained insight into public service opportunities and a network to help her succeed once she started her career. She went on to pursue her Master’s of Public Affairs from Princeton University, graduating in 2014. Her graduate experience equipped her with the tools she needed to understand the language of policy analysis and policy making.

Today, she is putting her learning to good use as a Resident and Community Services Manager for Workforce Housing Group. She has built partnerships and won grants that have enabled the organization to empower tenant groups and create change in their communities.