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Please consider supporting PPIA with a recurring monthly donation. For over 30 years, PPIA has been building a pipeline to public service for students from diverse backgrounds. Our alumni are making their mark and effecting change in every sector. Your tax-deductible contribution will help PPIA continue its work through our Junior Summer Institutes, national outreach and education campaigns, and alumni services. Your monthly contribution ensures that PPIA is able to continue our important work.

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Many employers offer to match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Ask your management or HR representative if your company has a matching program and how you can have your donation to PPIA matched. Please dire, donate online and then request a matching gift form from your employer. Send your completed and signed form via email to ppia.office@ppiaprogram.org or via fax to 1-877-408-8285.

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PPIA Program

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