PPIA Program

“Diversity & Leadership in Public Service”

Personal Statements

Each essay will be submitted through an online form. We suggest that you write and spell check your answers ahead of time so that you can copy and paste them into the appropriate fields.

Summary of Employment History

This is a short statement that summarizes your work experience.

History of Volunteer Service

This statement will describe your community service/volunteer experience, including activities on campus. In your response, include the organization, dates you were involved in each activity, and any key achievements related to your involvement.

Essay I (all JSIs):

Please prepare a statement of up to 1 page, single-spaced, describing:

  • Your public service career goals.
  • How your background has influenced those goals – you may include family, community, education, obstacles that you have overcome and other relevant life and work experiences.
  • How participating in a PPIA Junior Summer Institute and pursuing your graduate degree will help you achieve those goals.

Essay II (all JSIs):

Please prepare a brief statement, approximately a 1-2 paragraphs, single spaced, answering the following:

The PPIA Junior Summer Institutes strive to cultivate the development of future leaders equipped to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds in a multicultural society. What experiences will you bring to this program that will enable your fellow participants to have a fuller understanding of your commitment to public service, cross-cultural and social issues?

Essay III (This is only required if you are applying to the PPIA JSI at Berkeley, or to the UCPPIA Law Fellowship at UC Berkeley):

Please prepare a brief statement, approximately 1/2 page, single-spaced, about the following:

Your experience working with diverse communities, particularly African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino/as, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Essay IV (Required only if applying for the UCPPIA Law Fellowship at UC Berkeley):

If you are interested in law and public policy you may be considered for selection as a UCPPIA Law Fellow. To find out more about the UCPPIA Law Fellow component, please review Berkeley JSI page.

To apply for the UCPPIA Law Fellowship you must select this option in the online PPIA application separately from the UC Berkeley JSI as one of your choices, and also rank this option separately from the Berkeley JSI.

Please prepare a brief statement, approximately 1/2 page, single-spaced, about the following:

Please describe your interests for wanting to pursue joint degrees in law and public policy, what skills you would be seeking to acquire and how you will apply such skills to further your public service career goals.