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“Diversity & Leadership in Public Service”

Brandeis University

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Policy and Management


Office of Admissions

The Heller School has been committed to developing new knowledge and insights in the field of social policy and in health and human services management. Through the education of students and pursuit of research, The Heller School is actively engaged in examining policies and programs that respond to the changing needs of vulnerable individuals and social groups in our society.

The Heller School understands and honors national and community service as a strategy for growth and development. As a result we have become
the school of choice for those who choose service.

The Heller School offers $10,000 tuition scholarship per academic year for
ALL PPIA Fellows admitted to any degree program.

Degrees Offered

Ph.D. in Social Policy
Master of Public Policy
Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management
M.A. in Sustainable International Development
M.A. in Coexistence and Conflict
M.S. in International Health Policy and Management

Fields of Specialization/Study Tracks

Social policy; Health policy and management; International and Community Development; Business Administration; Policies and Services for Children, Youth and Families; Assets and Inequalities; Gender studies in development; International Development policy and management; General Human Services; Conflict Resolution / Negotiation; Healthcare Policy / Management; Housing / Economic Development; Human Rights / Humanitarian Affairs; International Development; Nonprofit Management; Organizational Theory / Management; Social Policy / Poverty; Urban Studies / Regional Planning

Area Studies

Africa; Asia; Europe; Eastern Europe / Russia; Latin America; Middle East; India, Southeast Asia;

Graduate Program Overview

The Heller School offers six educational programs designed explicitly to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of scholars, policy analysts, managers, and public leaders who will tackle our most pressing social problems.

-- The Ph.D. in Social Policy educates students for careers in research, teaching, social planning, administration, and policy analysis.

-- The Master in Public Policy delivers an innovative and interdisciplinary two-year graduate program that equips future leaders to succeed in careers within government, advocacy, policy research and analysis, policy implementation, and community work.

-- The Heller M.B.A. in Nonprofit Management prepares leaders for management positions within nonprofit, for-profit, and public institutions pursuing sustainable solutions for the global community.

-- The M.A. in Sustainable International Development trains leaders to design, manage and evaluate projects and programs in local, regional, national, and international development settings.

-- The M.A. in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence provides students with a solid grounding in both the theories of contemporary coexistence work and the professional skills to design and implement successful interventions that enable divided peoples to live together more equitably, respectfully and peacefully.

-- The M.S. in Global Health Policy and Management trains young professionals to play increasingly responsible roles in the health and well-being of the world's poorest children and families.

Admissions Deadline

Ph.D. - December 15th
M.P.P. - January 15th and March 1st
M.B.A - January 15th and March 1st
M.A. - Rolling
M.S. - Rolling

Admissions Overview

See the Heller School website below for more information about application requirements and deadlines.

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Waltham, Massachusetts

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