PPIA Program

“Diversity & Leadership in Public Service”

University of California, Los Angeles

Luskin School of Public Affairs


At the convergence of the fields of social work, urban planning, and policymaking, the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs utilizes emerging areas of research and teaching to cultivate leaders and change agents who advance solutions to society’s most pressing problems. The unique intersection of these three disciplines within one school allows for academic cross-collaboration and a graduate education that values diverse perspectives at the macro- and micro- organizational levels. Our Public Policy graduates go on to effect real change as leaders, researchers, and policymakers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Degrees Offered

MPP Master of Public Policy
MSW Master of Social Welfare
MURP Master of Urban and Regional Planning
PhD in Social Welfare
PhD in Urban Planning
Public Policy also offers the following concurrent degree programs: MPP-MBA, MPP-MSW, MPP-JD, MPP-MPH, and MPP-MD

Fields of Specialization/Study Tracks

MPP Concentrations: Drug and Crime Policy, Education and Human Capital, Employment and Labor Policy, Environmental Policy, Health Policy, International Policy, Nonprofit Management, Regional Development Policy, Social Policy, Transportation Policy, Urban Poverty and Economic Development

MSW students can choose from two concentrations: 1) Macro Social Welfare Practice in Organizations, Communities and Policy Settings, 2) Clinical Social Work with Individuals, Families and Groups. Within the concentrations specializations include: Children and Youth Services, Gerontology, Health Services, Mental Health, Nonprofit Sector

Urban Planning Concentrations: Community Development, Environmental Analysis and Policy, Housing Policy, International Planning and Development, Land Use, Physical Planning and Urban Design, Planning for Minority Communities, Social and Cultural Planning, Transportation Planning, Urban and Regional Economic Development

Graduate Program Overview

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a two-year full-time program in which students develop a diversified tool kit of quantitative and analytical skills as they acquire expertise in a specific area of public policy. Through the program’s core courses, students are trained in economic analysis, statistical methods and other professional skills that enable them to structure problems, draw information from raw data, and to model the effects and outcomes of alternative proposals. Students are then able to develop an extremely flexible plan of study that allows them to become experts in the policy field or fields that they will enter into. MPP students apply their training in a required 400-hour internship that can be completed anywhere in the world. The program culminates with the Applied Policy Project (APP), where students address a real-life policy question on behalf of a client.

Admissions Deadline

Master of Public Policy (MPP): January 10th
Master of Social Welfare (MSW): December 15th (fellowship); January 15th (final)
Social Welfare PhD: January 10th
Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP): January 5th
Urban Planning PhD: January 5th

Admissions Overview

The Department of Public Policy seeks a diverse pool of applicants who have been trained in a wide range of disciplines and preferably have had previous experience in policy making or implementation. No specific background or undergraduate major is required. Admission is selective. Decisions will be based on a multifaceted evaluation of the applicant’s overall academic record, applicable test scores, and the potential for public policy as evidenced by work experience, community engagement, extracurricular activities, or other relevant experiences. An applicant's written statement of purpose, goals, and letters of recommendation also weigh heavily in the decision-making process.

Contact Information

University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Department of Public Policy
Luskin School of Public Affairs
3250 Public Affairs Building
Los Angeles, California
(310) 825-0448

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